TG Kickboxer in Thailand

From National Geographic: Read the full article View a photo gallery of Nong Turn Here’s their intro to the story: Thai “Ladyboy” Kickboxer Is Gender-Bending Knockout Laura Greene March 25, 2004 Laura Greene, host of National Geographic On Assignment, traveled… Continue Reading

Federal Protections for GLBT Removed

Federal protections for gay and lesbian employees has just been removed. This is sickening news. Take Action Here! Read More

Nyack, NY Talk on Intersex

This article, ” Talk Calls for Fair Treatment of Intersex Children ,” is about a local talk that was given by members of the intersex group Bodies Like Ours. It does a decent job of presenting the evidence against surgical… Continue Reading

MTF TGs in Pakistan

In Pakistan, MTF TGs are apparently called “Zananis.” But their fate isn’t much better than it is anywhere, especially those working as prostitutes. Here’s an article about Zananis from the Daily Times, a Pakistani paper.

Soldier’s Girl

A review of Showtime’s Soldier’s Girl showed up in a local NY newspaper, Newsday: Soldier’s Girl (Showtime Entertainment, $27) is an astonishing piece of work that might have hit theatrical 10-best lists if it hadn’t been made for Showtime. This… Continue Reading

New Yorker article

MY AMENDMENT by GEORGE SAUNDERS Issue of 2004-03-08 Posted 2004-03-01 A s an obscure, middle-aged, heterosexual short-story writer, I am often asked, George, do you have any feelings about Same-Sex Marriage? To which I answer, Actually, yes, I do. Like… Continue Reading

This Week’s Action – 3/22/04

I just posted a bunch of articles about trans issues, covered for the most part by GLBT media. Pick one, and send them a letter thanking them for covering TG issues.

Trans News/articles

Araujo Murder Trial Begins Vigil honors TS slaying victim Review of Men in Skirts book School board rejects California law protecting transgendered students another article about the rejected California law

CT Outreach Society Banquet

I am going to be the Guest Speaker at CT Outreach Society’s Annual Banquet Dinner. When: Saturday, March 20th Time: 6PM – 1AM Where: Meriden, CT Cost: $30 per person For more information, check their site: (& here’s something… Continue Reading

COS Banquet Speech

This is the speech I wrote for the COS banquet. * * * Thank you Staci, the board of COS, and all its members for inviting me here tonight to speak. I want to thank all of you who keep… Continue Reading

Mariette Pathy Allen’s new book

Mariette Pathy Allen’s new book, “The Gender Frontier,” is now available. Here’s the specs: hardback, 168 pages, with 52 color, 57 duotone images. $36.00. Essays by Mariette Pathy Allen, Dr. Milton Diamond, Jamison Green, Riki Wilchins, and art historian Grady… Continue Reading

This Week’s Action – 3/14/04

Pres. Bush has come out for the FMA, which would be the first time in history we have used the Constitution to discriminate against American citizens. It’s just plain wrong. Sign the Petition

Bailey nomination pulled

This just in, from Lambda Executive Director Jim Marks: March 12, 2004. The Lambda Literary Foundation announced that “The Man Who Would Be Queen” has been removed as a 16th Annual Lambda Literary Award finalist.

Bailey controversy

Unfortunately for everyone involved, the Lambda Literary Foundation chose Bailey’s The Man Who Would Be Queen as a nominee in the TG non-fiction books category for their 2003 Lambda Lit Awards. Despite emails from various people within the TG community… Continue Reading

This Week’s Action – 3/7/04

The TG Community has got to increase visibility. Crossdressers, t-girls, transgendered people, transsexuals, = all of us = have got to keep the media aware that we want to see positive portrayals, and have got to insist that the law… Continue Reading

Interesting Articles

I found three interesting articles today, unrelated to each other. The first one is about how to change the two-party duopoly in America. The second is a list of how to change your name and gender on your birth certificate… Continue Reading