10 Year Anniversary of Brandon Teena’s Death

I found this article here Brandon Teena 10 Years Later (Falls City, Nebraska) While most of the world prepares to celebrate New Year’s Eve this week, transgendered Americans are pausing to remember Brandon Teena on the tenth anniversary of his… Continue Reading

Buy a Signed Copy

I have finally figured out how to make signed copies available via this website. Right now I’m only set up to ship to the US, and to receive payments via PayPal, but it’s a start! Buy a Signed Copy of… Continue Reading

TG Teen in TX

I hate to report sad news, but I saw this article and felt obliged to post it. This girl’s suicide broke my heart, especially upon reading that laws that would have protected her failed to get passed. This girl is… Continue Reading

Mariette Pathy Allen

I am pleased as punch that I just got this wonderful review from Mariette Pathy Allen: “Helen Boyd’s book is extraordinary! Ms. Boyd manages to combine intensely personal stories, in particular her relationship with Betty, with a great deal of… Continue Reading

gay marriage poll

There’s a group called the American Family Association currently running a poll about gay marriage. As per usual, “Family” is code for “heterosexual.” Since what they want is “proof” that Americans are against gay marriage, let’s give them what for!… Continue Reading

MHB in bookstores

I’ve just gotten the first report that someone bought the book in a bookstore! Specifically, in a Border’s somewhere in the MD area. I’d love to hear from others if you’re finding it, & specifically I’d like to know in… Continue Reading

Book News: It’s Shipping!

My good friend Marti contacted me today to tell me that she received an email from Amazon.com saying that My Husband Betty is now shipping! So if you want to order the book, no more waiting! Buy the book!

Trans-Academics Survey

Community Needs Assessment Survey – We need your input! Click on the “research projects” button We all know there is very little reliable statistical data about trans and gender variant identified persons – here is a great opportunity to help… Continue Reading


I received the sad news today that one of the women I interviewed for the book – one half of one of the couples profiled in Chapter 4 – died recently. I’ve been sad and stunned since getting the news.… Continue Reading

Yahoo! group

I thought perhaps some of you might prefer a mailing list instead of message boards, like myself, so I set up a Yahoo! group Join the mailing list here! My idea is that the group will be focused on issues… Continue Reading